The Last Kiss


"I love this book because it is so honest."
Meredith Vieira

"A beautiful, heartbreaking memoir of love and loss."
Ken Burns, filmmaker

Leslie Brody, a newspaper reporter and mother of two, thought her life was finally heading in the right direction when she married Elliot Pinsley, a romantic, funny and brilliant editor with three kids of his own. But six years after their wedding, they learned that Elliot, only 55, had pancreatic cancer - and would be lucky to live for a year or two.

With a journalist's eye for intimate detail, Leslie shows how they made the very most of the time they had left together. Told with heart, humor and compelling immediacy, The Last Kiss is a love story about the life-affirming power of a passionate marriage, the importance of loyal friends, and the resilience of children growing up through one of life's harshest trials.

This is the most important story she has ever told.