Adventures in Weed

Elliot was shedding weight at an alarming pace. One day his doctors quietly advised him to try an unofficial route to an appetite: Medical marijuana.

It was illegal, but Elliot liked the idea.

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The Peach

My main goal was to squeeze in as many fun times with our children as possible. "Don't be afraid to get closer," the social worker had said. "He's here now."

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Juice in a Raw Wound

The hospice people started coming by. I thought they would make things easier. I was dead wrong.

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Living With Cancer

To see The Record's "Living with Cancer" series, by Leslie Brody and Lindy Washburn, please go to http://www.northjersey.com/specialreports/livingwithcancer.html.

The series won a National Headliners Award and prizes from the Association of Health Care Journalists and the New Jersey Press Association.